Bartholomew’s Gift 巴塞洛繆的禮物

Bartholomew Gee was born with arthrogryposis — a rare disability affecting muscles and joints. His parents believe Bartholomew is a gift from God who is also highly gifted musically. Using footage filmed when Bartholomew was eight, and more recently when he became 21, this video tells the heartwarming story of a young boy overcoming a severe disability and growing to become a man at peace with God and enjoying life to the full.

Director: Crawford Telfer
Cast: Bartholomew Gee

巴塞洛繆·吉(Bartholomew Gee)出生時就患有關節彎曲症——一種影響肌肉和關節的罕見殘疾。 他的父母相信巴塞洛繆是上帝賜予的禮物,他在音樂上也很有天賦。 這段視頻使用巴塞洛繆八歲時以及最近他 21 歲時拍攝的片段,講述了一個小男孩克服嚴重殘疾,成長為一個與上帝和睦相處並充分享受生活的感人故事。

導演: 克勞福德·特爾弗