Right Before Your Eyes (2019)

Director: David Vincent Bobb
Screenwriter: David Vincent Bobb, Roy Koriakin. Play: Michael Walsh
Music: Tasos Eliopoulos
Cinematography: Joseph Hennigan
Cast: Adam Ratcliffe, Brian Anthony Wilson, Brian C. O’Halloran, Corrie Graham, Tony Devon, Sean Patrick McCurdy, Andrew Hunsicker, Sarah Lynn Dewey, Jacob Shapiro, Brian Gallagher
Producer: CDB Films, Dandeleven Pictures, Kphat Productions
Synopsis: Ethan (Adam Ratcliffe), a recovering alcoholic shares his story with a peculiar stranger, Ambrose (Brian Anthony Wilson) as he embarks on a reflective train ride home to visit his young Autistic son Lucas (Sean Patrick McCurdy). Right Before Your Eyes is a powerful film that promotes the importance of healthy, strong fatherhood and illustrates the strength of God’s hand in healing the hopeless.

English subtitle:

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