Snow Queen by Ballet Magnificat!

Featuring Kathy Thibodeaux as the Snow Queen, and inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen classic, The Return of Snow Queen fantastically dips into the beauty of storytelling through the art of dance. The audience is taken on a journey with a young girl who fearlessly faces the fury of the Snow Queen with boldness, bravery and love.

This fast moving production stands strong on the cast of 75 professional dancers, enhanced by powerful choreography, creative costuming and bigger-than-life sets and scenery.

A ballet by Jiri Sebastian Voborsky.
Choreography by Kathy Thibodeaux and Jiri Sebastian Voborsky.

Running time: 2 hrs.

Part 1,

Part 2,

Behind the scence 1,

Behind the scence 2,

Behind the scence 3,

Behind the scence 4,

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