Young David (2023)

You know King David. Now it’s time to meet Young DAVID: The boy who would inspire a nation and a people for thousands of years to come.

Show Overview

Step into the world of Young DAVID, a 5-part animated mini-series that explores the formative years of legendary King David. Delve into his humble beginnings as a shepherd, his love for playing the lyre and composing poetry, his fateful encounter with the king’s shepherd, and his daring race to save his sheep from a fearsome lion. This heartwarming tale reveals the makings of a future king, long before he faced any giants or ascended the throne.


Young DAVID is a compelling and uplifting animated series that immerses your kids and family in the inspiring life of King David, celebrating the values of goodness, truth, and courage. Through engaging storytelling and a captivating historical world, we aim to create a shared family experience that not only entertains but also imparts valuable life lessons from the timeless journey of a legendary king.


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