Before His Throne by Ballet Magnificat!

Birthed out of the ever-growing need to refocus the passion of the Body of Christ back to Her Redeemer, Before His Throne is a collection of moving, inspirational, and Christ-proclaiming music and choreography. Combined with costuming, production, visual media, and lighting, it stays true to the standard of artistic excellence known to Ballet Magnificat!, yet brings a challenge before the audience to step out of the comfort zone of life and be bold for Him who boldly proclaimed His love for His own.

“Before His Throne” is an evening of worship and reflection of the goodness of the Most High God. Ballet Magnificat! Omega desires to grow invisible as He moves freely in the hearts of His Bride.

“When in the presence of Jesus, one is changed by Jesus – forever”

A ballet by Jiri Sebastian Voborsky.

Running time: 2 hrs.

Main part:

Behind the scence:

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